A Letter To My Beloved

My love, I see you standing there, my beloved, the one who knows my deepest dreams, desires, hurts and fears, and holds them close his to heart. I treasure you as you treasure me. You open your heart and show me the deepest parts of you, not for me to change or heal them, but so that I can know you fully, so that there are no secrets between us, no shadows. You know the value in exploring one’s heart, mind and soul and embrace the idea of expanding and connecting to the things we can’t explain.

I love that you look for the joy in the everyday things and that you are not afraid to dream as big as the highest stars. I cherish that you believe crying is cleansing and how you are able to hold a gentle space for our emotions to flow. You walk by my side even when we don’t agree, and view these differences as ways for us to understand ourselves and our souls’ journeys more deeply.  You challenge the stories and limiting beliefs about how the world has to be and together we write our own version of what our life looks like, not bound by the limitations we were taught as children.

I want to dream our world into being with you, a world in which everyone, including our children, is held and nurtured. I love that you recognize that this starts with us and the love we share. My soul sings as we remind each other to live in the precious, present moment and make this one life sacred. Dear one, I am in awe of how our life is full of laughter and gratitude as we raise each other up and hold each other when we fall. Our hearts know that the amount of joy and happiness we share is the true abundance of this life and is more important than the amount of money we have. And most of all I love how those hearts are allowed to be wild and crazy and free.

I love you through time and space and for always…

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