Illuminating Your Soul’s Desires: Crafting a Vision Board with Heart

Dear Dreamer,

Have you ever felt the gentle whisper of your soul, calling you into your future and full potential? A vision board is the sacred canvas upon which these dreams dance, waiting to be brought to life.

Do you remember those days as a child when your imagination was so free that you would dream so BIG there was no limit? That is the energy I would like you to invite into this process. Even one part of you might smile and the voice of ‘this is impossible’ might be present. Let it be but don’t let it take up space for the next hours.

Let me take you through my process, as we explore the art of crafting a vision board that resonates with the very essence of your being.

The Essence of a Vision Board

A vision board is more than a collage of images and words; it is the silent symphony of your heart’s yearnings. It is the place where your aspirations and the universe merge together, and where the alchemy of creation takes root. Each image, every word, is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your life, painting a portrait of the future you wish to manifest.

The Symphony of Why

In the process of looking for images, inspirations, words, and symbols, always ask yourself how you would like to FEEL in different areas of your life.

Images of a house could mean so many things, the actual manifestation of your home or just the secure and cozy feeling it symbolizes.

What is it that stirs your soul? What do you yearn to call forth into your existence? Allow your dreams to flow like a river, don’t let your perfectionism or doubts interrupt this process. These are the whispers of your heart; listen, they are the compass guiding you.

The Alchemy of Gathering

Take the time to look for words, images, and symbols that are deeply resonating with you! I love to use Pinterest and magazines for that. Choose them not with the mind, but with the heart. Again, don’t overthink it! Just create with joy!

The Dance of Arrangement

Print out the images you have found, or the images you have cut out. Spread them in of you, so you can feel their energy, their resonance, and let them find their place upon your canvas. There is no right or wrong, for this is the dance of intuition. You will be surprised about how things are starting to connect and create a powerful picture.

The Magic of your own Creative touch

Feel the call to add your own touch? A stroke of color, a whisper of affirmation?  There are no rules, you can let your creativity free!

The Altar of Reflection

Place your vision board in a space where you can see it and connect to it. Take a step back and have a deeper look at it. Do you notice repetitions? Do you feel things connecting? Is there a common thread between all your creations?

A vision board can give us amazing insights into what is happening deep within us.

Close your eyes, breathe life into your desires, and let them take root within you.

You can even play with music, is there any melody or songs that you connect with certain parts of your vision board?

The magic is to bring the embodied feeling of your vision board into the present moment. You can feel how you want to feel right now by connecting to your board.

The Tapestry of Time

As time goes on, your goals may evolve. It’s important to revisit your vision board periodically to adjust or add new elements that align with your current aspirations.

I’m not sure about you, but I sometimes forget how much actually already became true and I haven’t even noticed, things change and shift. Use your vision board to allow your dreams to evolve, they are living, breathing beings. Add, adjust, and dance with your soul’s desires.

With love and light,


Soulful Dreamer & Creatress

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