The Why behind my work I do

Creativity and beauty are essential parts of my life, I always find inspiration around me and I simply love to create and express myself through all kinds of expressions.

Free expression is for me such an important essence, since it helps us connect to our authentic selves. I have worked with many amazing women in the past, and all of them have unique messages and visions that want to be shared with the world.

I see myself sometimes as a translator of inner visions and ideas, I am tuning in to my client’s essence and bringing forth graphics and visuals that are deeply connected to their souls and businesses.

It means so much to me to support amazing souls on their journey towards greater visibility, so they can draw wider circles to reach those with whom they are meant to connect.

I am in Love with Beauty

I love to infuse everything I do with beauty and discover it every day, observing the world around me.

I see it in the people I meet, nature, my little furry friends… I walk, eyes open, to find inspiration and feed my soul.

I am able to bring so much beauty into the work I do, that it fills my heart with bliss!

My designs are as unique as every one of my clients, each project is infused with excitement and creativity.

I found my Home in Valencia

I am originally from Germany and have lived abroad for almost 10 years, I lived in Africa for a while and then moved to Valencia.

One thing that living abroad for so long has taught me, is that, when everything falls away from what you are used to: language, familiar surroundings, your social network…there is a time when you lose your ground and your safety-net.

There is something very powerful in losing your identity and the idea of yourself, it opens up the possibility to create yourself anew. I am choosing the person I want to be, connecting more and more with my inner self, I feel I start coming Home within myself and finding my own authentic voice, which flows into my work, and it helps me to guide my clients in finding their unique voices in their business.

What my clients say

I am a believer that we are meant to do what we LOVE and inspire those around us to do the same!