Art & Astrology


Astrology as a path to move forward.

I believe we all move to our own symphony

Sometimes, we need a little help to see the bigger picture: astrology is the soul compass I carry with me to discover my way forward.

I live in a small wooden cabin in the Central Apennines, the backbone of Italy. These ancient hills vibrate to an older rhythm; here, you can feel the elements, observe the wild animals and reconnect to a deeper sense of self.


How Holly reads your chart

Studying a chart has often been a real help to me over the years, when I might have misread a situation. Astrology shows me there is always another path to uncover themes, connect the dots and move forward or let things go.

When I read a chart, I take some quiet time to look at the map of your personal sky and get a feel for its energy and direction before diving in and taking a closer look at areas where energy is focused or lacking. I start from the Ascendant, and we travel through the 12 houses.

My approach is unorthodox and very personal.

I even consider the position of Chiron, which reveals your core wound. This can help you to uncover patterns that might have held you back and maybe even show you strengths that can help you move forward in self-acceptance.

The Art of your Chart

After receiving the information about your birth chart from beautiful Holly, I step into the creative part of the journey.

I will send a little questionnaire that will help you find out what symbols and/or spirit animals are important to you and if you feel connected to a certain color; maybe you have a powerful mantra or words that mean a lot to you. All of this is gold when creating your unique Art Chart.

I will create the custom-made Art piece for you, which you will receive as a high-resolution digital file, so you can print it as a card or poster.

My intention is to create something that is a powerful reminder for you, to shine your light into the world.

I love bringing magic and spirit into my designs, and all the work I do is custom-made for my client. It is a magical world that is very alive within me.

The idea of connecting art to such a personal map like a birth chart feels like co-creating with the whole universe, and I’m happy to be able to offer this to you.

What’s included: 

∇  Exploration Questionnaire to connect to your colors, symbols, and spirit animals

∇  Your personal reading of your birth chart

∇  Beautiful digital booklet for you to keep

∇  Uniquely created art piece as a high-resolution digital file for printing

The price is


Yes, please I want that sparkle

What our clients say

I wanted to thank you again for the report. I’ve read it a few times now and really appreciate your positive analysis of what I’ve always felt was a challenging chart. Your writing is charming as well.

Suzanne T.

Holly’s Report was so special!

I had readings before and none of them were written so beautifully and with so much detail. I remember I had to giggle a few times reading it. She didn’t only read my chart, but wrote a story that lit up my heart.

Emma S. 

I adored your reading.

Vital, surprising, stealth insights, such humor, and insight. I’ve never read anything like it. Your reading was so spot on about everything I am that I wanted your crystal ball to tell me the rest.

Ann S.